Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hello, Heart of my Sorrow

The stars are out in hordes tonight,
And they light up the world,
Like fireflies that hang, delighting.

They have their motions
Unknown, whilst
Beneath, we wheel and turn.
(Hard hearts know that stars don’t move,
But stand as fixed spectators
For the games we people live.)

Yet for you, in my techni-hued mind-frame
That only your presence evokes,
I would pick them up and
Spell your name, with
The rhythm’s of the sky.

You would have wished on each star,
And coloured the air in,
With all your fancies.
If you were here.
But you have gone, to a world
With a veil that
Shields your eyes
And hides your ears in swathes
Of a cotton silk, that’s as
Red as my anger,
At the heart of my sorrow.

And because of this veil,
You cannot hear my words
Paint light onto the wind
Or see my voice
Dance smoke,
So that the birds wheel,
As though through dreams.

So goodbye,
To your smiles
And hello to the sun
That will hide the hordes of stars
And put away my melancholy,
Till the night comes
(And I greet again, the heart
Of my sorrow).

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